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Transacting on the Ariba network

Ariba network supplier guides and information

Ariba Supplier Info Session

Support Methods for Getting Your Specific Questions Answered:

Contact Entegris at
Contact Ariba
Documents in Ariba
Direct Inquiries to the contact listed on the PO
  • My PO is not in Ariba.
  • My PO is incorrect or has discrepancies - quantity, price, delivery date, payment terms, etc.
Direct inquiries to Supplier Enablement Team
  • Why do I need to be on the Ariba Network?
  • How can I become an integrated supplier?
  • I'd like to set-up a catalog.
  • How does this impact how I do business with the Buyer?
Ariba Login / Access Issues
  • I am locked out of my AN account. (only Ariba support can help)
  • How do I get a user ID? (Only Ariba support can help)
  • How do I set up my notifications?
  • I forgot my password. (only Ariba support can help)
  • How do I configure my account?
  • How do I set up a user?
Ariba Document Status
Direct inquiries to the contact listed on the PO
  • Why is my PO in an obsolete status?
  • Why has my PO failed?
  • Why is my OC not approved?
Ariba Fee Structure
  • How does my transaction volume affect my fees?
  • What documents qualify for fees?
  • Who receives the invoice to pay?
  • Can I set up automatic payments?
  • How often will I see and Ariba Fee invoice?
  • How are the charges calculated?
  • Discrepancies with Ariba Fee invoices
Non-Ariba Transaction Inquiries
Handle the inquiry as per current process
  • What is the status of my PO/Order confirmation?
Creation of Follow-On Documents in the AN
  • How do I create an Order Confirmation?
  • How do I create an Advanced Ship Notice?
  • What do the statuses mean?