Supply Chain Sustainability

Our process for selecting, qualifying and managing suppliers includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria across supplier evaluations, report cards, and risk assessments.

We use supplier segmentation and risk assessment to identify critical suppliers based on business value, competitive advantage, spend, revenue impact, and criticality of material.

Supplier Partnership Program (SPP)

Cumulative supplier sites receiving ESG audits

Diverse supplier spend greater than 15%

Targeted suppliers who have signed the sustainable procurement charter / supplier code of conduct

SPP creates a culture of continuous improvement with critical supply chain business partners, who share a similar vision, and consistently deliver increased business value and return on investment for each unique business segment.

Our program recognizes and rewards suppliers for outstanding performance. In 2020 we recognized two key suppliers for their achievements in sustainability.

We expect our suppliers and sub-suppliers to comply with the RBA Code of Conduct and all relevant materials declarations.

Entegris’ Supply Chain Objectives include:

  • Continually increasing the number of suppliers participating in ESG Audits
  • Ensuring spending of greater than 15% with Diverse Suppliers
  • Growth year over year in the number of targeted suppliers who have signed the Sustainable Procurement Charter/Supplier Code of Conduct

We have over 6,500 suppliers globally

Included are suppliers that directly supply goods, materials or services to Entegris.